We're a skilled, flexible and responsive manufacturer of bent / manipulated tube and welded assemblies.

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TPE manufactures and develops bent / manipulated tube and welded fabrications from one-off batch runs to low and high-volume production for all industries.

We handle a diverse range of tube and pipe manipulation from 4mm - 100mm diameter. With the added capability of a 6-metre bed for sizes 4-30mm, ideal for extra-long applications, 1D, twin stack, boost capability from 30-100mm and the advantage of left and right-handed machines up to 76mm. 

With vast experience, expertise, tooling and capabilities our projects span from Tier 1 supply of completed assemblies and part assemblies through to Tier 2 / 3 supply of individual fabrication elements.

At TPE, we also have the ability to offer a range of tube forming techniques, such as: swelling, reducing, flaring and beading across a number of different materials ranging from brass all the way up to high grade stainless steel.

Cutting-edge equipment combines with extensive industry expertise to deliver outstanding manufacturing capability.

TPE is part of a family run business with a history in automotive component manufacturing spanning 30 years. In 2002, TP Engineering was founded as a sub-contractor to supply various tubular emission products for large brand names in the automotive industry. 

TPE was created in January 2013 for the sub contract of fabricated tubular components for all industries. Still situated in Stoke on Trent, we now employ over 50 staff at our 37,500 ft² facility.

Our experience in the manufacture and supply of components and assemblies for the fast moving, competitive automotive market means we have the systems in place to be highly flexible and react quickly to the changing demands of customers.

Our manufacturing operations are approved to ISO 9001-2015 and we boast Conformity of Production approval from leading testing and development centres based in Spain, Germany and Poland.




Services TP Engineering Ltd Provide

Engineering Services


TPE can form tube from 3/16" (4mm) up to 4" (100mm) using a wide range tooling, offering bends down to and including 1D radius in a variety of materials such as brass, aluminium, mild and stainless steel.


Our highly skilled fabricators have years of experience assembling complex parts. The flexible manufacturing facility allows the production of small, irregular batches through to high volume, continuous streams as customer requirements dictate.


TPE also has the in-house capability to manufacture fixtures / jigs ready for production. This enables us to cut lead times and cost for our customers.


We also offer a range of tube forming operations including: • Flaring • Beading • Swelling • Reducing • Slotting


We have dedicated fabrication welders who carry out both MIG (Pulse) and TIG welding in various materials from braze, stainless or mild steel.


With the added benefit of warehousing and distribution, stock can be held and delivered just in time for our customers.

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